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Veteran’s Day Parade 2017

It was a wonderful Saturday for the parade so it lead to the largest crowd that any of us could remember.  We had 8 Jeeps entered all decorated up in Red, White, and Blue.   Ashley had a hand made sign for the parade. All decorated up and waiting for the parade to start. Another angle of us waiting.Jerry had his Jeep as clean as ever.
Chad and Kevin lead the Creepers down Main.We were cheered on by a very large crowd.

2nd Annual Pam Ramsey Memorial Ladies Run

     The 2nd Annual Pam Ramsey Memorial Ladies Run went flawlessly. We had five Jeeps total, and honored guests Doug Ramsey and Max, his faithful, fluffy companion. Doug brought Pam’s capable Forest Service Green XJ. It was good to see that Jeep out on the trail again.
     We started from the Slickrock Cinema in Moab, and headed out for the chosen trail of the day – Chicken Corners. Lore has it that back in the trail’s beginning, it was a pack train trail. The “Chicken Corner” (singular) was a portion of the trail that was so narrow with a precipitous drop, that only the least “chicken” mule skinner would even attempt it. Today it is sufficiently wide in most spots for two-way traffic. Although it is an “easy” trail, Level 2 by rating, it is still extremely scenic and has a couple of spots that require attention! We had three beginner level ladies driving, including the Trail Leader. The Creeper Jeepers Gang has Members of every level, and the goal of this Run, along with honoring Pam, was to get people who normally ride as passengers, behind the wheel.
     Some of you may already know that Pam and Doug raised sheep, and were very involved in the Fiber Arts. In that vein, during the run we presented the first ever CJG SHEeper Jeeper Award to the person that most embodied Pam’s adventurous spirit, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and all-around getting it done. This year it was Sandra Sunderland.
     Everyone kept the Jeep behind them in sight, and there was no drama to report. Weather was perfect, and the whole crew was supportive. Everyone made it back without a scratch, with only dusty Jeeps and big smiles. Good job Ladies and Gentlemen! As an added bonus, it was long-time esteemed Member Jerry McGeorge’s birthday!
 Lunch at the end of the trail. The SHEeper Jeeper Award went to Sandra Sunderland.Amazing views from the trail.

Moab October 2017

Late October is always a great time for a Moab trip.  This year was no different.  There were a large number of people who came out and enough were we split into 2 groups on Sunday.  There even happened to be 5 birthdays out on the trail and cake after.  Friday we had 5 rigs join on Rusty Nail, Saturday we had 10 rigs on Behind the Rocks, and Sunday we split into 2 groups; 7 rigs on Hell’s Revenge and 5 on Chicken Corners.  There were a few close calls but no body damage or breakdowns on the trail.  Chad giving Riff Raff a try on Rusty Nail. Kevin heading up The Wall on Rusty Nail. Billy has his tires sticking to the wall and his seat cushion sucked into his hind end on No Left Turn on Rusty Nail.Group picture on Rusty Nail.Billy just showing off on the Golden Crack on Golden Spike. Ten rigs lined up for the driver’s meeting on Behind the Rocks. Ashley heading up a steep climb on Behind the Rocks. Ashley heading down The Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. Mark & Debra heading down the Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. Kent heading down The Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. A line of Creepers winding around on Hell’s Revenge. A line of Creepers on some fins on Hell’s Revenge. Trevor found himself a hole that wasn’t there a few months ago. Scott & Kim climbing out of the Car Wash on Hell’s Revenge.Line up on the entrance to Hell’s Revenge.

Adaptive Sports Association Run 2017

We had an amazing turnout for our run this year with Adaptive Sports Association.  We made the run up Missionary Ridge to Henderson Lake for lunch.  After lunch we ran further up the mountain to get some “Jeeping ” in.  We had 21 from ASA and 13 Jeeps.  It was a wonderful day with the Fall colors even though Mother Nature couldn’t decide if she wanted it to be warm and sunny or cool and cloudy in the afternoon.  We need to thank Papa John’s for the pizza, Keller Williams for the water, Heller Corporation for water bottles, and several members for making cookies.The complete group photo. Enjoying a break with the Fall colors. Fall is definitely here. Great view looking towards Silverton. Lunch spot at Henderson Lake. Everyone enjoyed the pizza.Adaptive Sports group photo.

Carson City and Stony Pass

Early September is a great time of the year for a long run above treeline.  So we went up to visit new and old Carson City and dropped down to Brown Lakes and back over Stony Pass.  The flowers were a couple weeks past and the fall colors were a couple weeks out yet but still a wonderful day.  Only downside of the day was the nasty hail, sleet, and thunderstorm at the top of Stony Pass and then the sheep blocking the road.  Lunch stop at Carson City. Headed over the Continental Divide well above timberline. Rocky section of road above timberline. Lots of moss rock up here. The group heading down the mountain.Fall Colors were just starting.Line up at Brown Lakes. Nasty hail and sleet during the thunderstorm on the top of Stony Pass.Sheep blocking the road on Stony Pass.The Continental Divide is white with the fresh sleet and hail.

Golconda Boarding House and Poughkeepsie Gulch

We had a nice group of 8 Jeeps run over Engineer Pass to Hurricane Basin, up to the Golconda Boarding House and Mine.  The boarding house was restored in 2014 and the blacksmith/compressor shop was rebuild from the fallen logs.  It is great to see history be preserved like that.  After that we ran back over Engineer Pass to Poughkeepsie Gulch.  About half ran over the “Wall” no problem and about half took the new bypass.  Was a great day and no breakdowns.

 New American Flag up on Engineer Pass.  The wind is very hard on it.
 Golconda Boarding House with the new additions that were long gone. The Golconda Blacksmith Shopw and Compressor House. Old stove in the boarding house. Compressor and pulley in the blacksmith/compressor shop. Old drill sharpener and shelves in the blacksmith/compressor shop. Sign about the Golconda Boarding House. Line up above the Golconda Mine, notice the Golconda Boarding House way down the hill in the distance. Mark and Debra Pearson making the “Wall” look easy. Kent Mallalieu taking his new Jeep up the “Wall” Kevin Heckman showing some flex on the “Wall” Lake Como with Poughkeepsie Gulch in the background.On Sunday a few of us drove up Porphyry Gulch and hiked to the beautiful Bullion King Lake.

Elwood Pass Work Day

The CJG took on our biggest one day project in our 24 year history.  As 3 springs that has popped up in the middle of the road on the upper end of Elwood Pass.  The springs had caused a deep mud hole in the road and as a result many vehicles have been going off the trail and though a swampy area to stay out of the deep water.  Last year we put some logs along the edge of the road to try and keep vehicles from going off the road.  The project will include putting down a French drain in and around the spring area to drain it into the swampy area and then filling in the area layers of 2-3″ rock 6-8″ deep then a layer of fabric screen to help stop the drain from filling with silt and then used the rest of the rock to make a new road base.  We also lined more of the road with downed trees along the side to help prevent more people from going off trail.  We also worked on 2 other mud holes briefly to make sure Chad Beal could get through.  Rock was dumped at the top of Elwood Pass just on the Rio Grande Forest side with their permission and was put on a trailer pulled by Chad Beal and hauled to the repair spot one mile each way and was used as fill.  We had 14 club members work a very long 13 hour day not counting drive time.  Thank you to everyone!

Special Thanks To:
SW Ag for the donation of the back hoe
Tread Lightly! and Quadratec for the $250 grant
BF Goodrich for the Outstanding Trails award money
Click Excavation for the use of skid steer, French drain, and supplies
Tom Oroark of South Fork for the supply of 20 tons of 2-3” rock
Wilson Hagg for the gooseneck flatbed trailer
Neil Holliday at Southwest Financial for the use of the dump trailer
San Juan and Rio Grande Forest Service offices
San Juan Mountain Association

 This is what the hole looked like at the start of the day.  It was much worse earlier in the year. Some of the trail damage. Posing with the banners in the “before” picture. Scott, Billy, and Chad working on draining the mud hole. Kevin Fox and Chris Stacey putting in some no motorized vehicles signs along the road. Chad dumping the first load of rock. Putting rock on the first French drain. Scott installing the next 2 sections of French drain. Scott adding more rock to the base. Loading gravel into the dump trailer. Putting the fabric screen down to keep the French drain from silting in. Putting a layer of rock on top of the fabric screen. Putting dirt on top of the final rock to lock it all together. The final product.The “after” picture

Durango Herald 8/12/17
Follow up article 9/16/17


Mt. Blanca Work Day

The main goal of this year’s work day was to dismantle an old cabin up at Lake Como that had fallen into disrepair and used as a place for trash and a bathroom.  Once we got up there the cabin was in good shape and used for storage by hikers.  Someone had restored it.  So the work day turned into a day of trash clean up and fishing.  As you can see by the pictures, fun was had by all.

 The view of Mt. Blanca in the morning.Group picture in the morning at camp.
Billy taking his Jeep and trailer down Jaws 1.
Chad climbing over an obstacle.   Lake Como.

Richard making down an obstacle. Chad testing out his flex.Billy going over Jaws 1.

Black Bear Pass/Guston Ghost town

Black Bear Pass and Guston Ghost Town

We had a foggy and rainy trip on Saturday over Black Bear Pass and back over Ophir Pass.  Some of us made the side trip up to Alta Lakes, Gold King Basin, and Ames Powerplant. The wildflowers were right at their peak.

Saturday we made a couple short hikes on Red Mountain along the old Silver Railroad tracks.  We hiked to the Corkscrew turntable and then to the Guston Train Depot.  After that we made the quick trip to the remains of the Guston Church and pastor’s house.Billy Schultheiss and Chad Beal are putting in the road closed signs that the winter snow knocked down.
The group lined up at the top of Black Bear Pass.  It was a bit foggy and drizzly.Ingram Falls with the Black Bear Mill barely visible in the background.Scott Click is telling Mark Pearson to go forward.  We ran into this crossover that got into trouble on the sloppy mud. Views from Gold King Basin by Alta Lakes. Mugzy enjoying the amazing wildflowers. Corkscrew Turntable American Girl Mine Guston Train Depot.  It was more of a place for passengers to wait out of the rain and snow.Remains of the old Guston Church with the log cabin behind the remains of the pastor’s home.

Black Bear Pass/Imogene Pass

We ran Black Bear and Imogene Pass on July 15th, two days after Black Bear opened.  Bucky Knipp was nice enough to be our fearless leader for the day.  He managed to get 13 rigs over Black Bear and 9 over Imogene without any incidents.  We hit a little bit of everything and once in a while within minutes.  Hot to cold to light rain to sunshine.

I always love this view heading up Black Bear with the 2 waterfalls.  This is just the beginning of the amazing sites.

The scar we’ve been working on now for about 11 years is looking very good.  We decided even walking up there an looking may do more damage than good.

We took a quick break at the top of Black Bear.

Still some snow headed town from the top on the Telluride side.

Ingram Basin is always a thrill with the long narrow road on the bowl.

Getting into some switchbacks. Telluride below.

Parked at Ingram Falls waiting to descend the world famous switchbacks.

Here Scott and Cindy Lancaster head down the tightest of the switchbacks.

Heading up into Savage Basin by the Tom Boy Mine complex on Imogene Pass.

Top of Imogene Pass looking towards Telluride.

Parked on the top of Imogene pass looking toward Ouray.