Black Bear Pass/Imogene Pass

We ran Black Bear and Imogene Pass on July 15th, two days after Black Bear opened.  Bucky Knipp was nice enough to be our fearless leader for the day.  He managed to get 13 rigs over Black Bear and 9 over Imogene without any incidents.  We hit a little bit of everything and once in a while within minutes.  Hot to cold to light rain to sunshine.

I always love this view heading up Black Bear with the 2 waterfalls.  This is just the beginning of the amazing sites.

The scar we’ve been working on now for about 11 years is looking very good.  We decided even walking up there an looking may do more damage than good.

We took a quick break at the top of Black Bear.

Still some snow headed town from the top on the Telluride side.

Ingram Basin is always a thrill with the long narrow road on the bowl.

Getting into some switchbacks. Telluride below.

Parked at Ingram Falls waiting to descend the world famous switchbacks.

Here Scott and Cindy Lancaster head down the tightest of the switchbacks.

Heading up into Savage Basin by the Tom Boy Mine complex on Imogene Pass.

Top of Imogene Pass looking towards Telluride.

Parked on the top of Imogene pass looking toward Ouray.

One thought on “Black Bear Pass/Imogene Pass”

  1. We ran Black Bear about a week after your group did. This was my first trip over this trail.

    I am curious as to what the maximum grade and camber are on the “Steps.” I was pleasantly surprised that although this section demands complete focus an attention to a good “line” it is not as difficult as I thought it would be.

    The first switchback below Ingram Falls was more technical than the “Steps” IMHO.

    I am eager to run this trail again.

    Thanks for the info!

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